The Paragon Process

Our 4-phase approach gives you a 360° view of your current and future finances. Plus, our advisors, attorneys, tax planners, and others work together on your behalf.

Thorough reviews

Gain insight into changes you can make to save money and create tax-free income.

Nationwide service

Get our tax preparation and planning help from any location in the US.

Virtual servers

Enjoy 24/7 access to our secure and private portal that meets IRS guidelines.

Top professionals

Work with high-quality CPAs, EAs, and attorneys - not just tax preparers.

Tax Smart Tax Planning

Want to pay less taxes when you retire?

Decisions you make today can greatly impact how you’re taxed in the future, especially in your retirement years when income issues become more complex.

Find out how

Ready to start saving and preparing?

Think about your future income and goals. Let's make it happen.

  • Anyone who wants to prepare for financial freedom needs to have a conversation with Paragon Tax Planners. Their attention to detail, customer care, and willingness to educate is truly top-notch. So excited to grow old!
    Carolynn Shada
  • The Paragon team took a complete look at my finances and outlined a detailed strategy that I can easily implement. I’ll now be able to save more money and pay fewer taxes when I retire. Thanks, Paragon!
    Andrew Jones

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