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eMoney Private Website

Do you understand that the financial decisions you make today ultimately end up on your tax return? Our tax planning process provides a thorough review and analysis of your unique situation.

Private and Secure Website to Monitor Your Finances

Transparency is key! Access all your financial accounts in eMoney, your personalized, private website. With eMoney, you’ll enjoy:

  • Private budgeting tools – only you can see
  • Realtime link to your investments at all times

Your secure website protects any important documents. It also shows your account balances. Accounts like your checking, savings, and 401(k)s to credit cards, mortgages, loans, and more. Plus, any accounts with us will automatically sync to your website.

Multi-layered protection

When you sign in to eMoney, your data is stored in dedicated spaces at top-tier data centers. These facilities provide:

  • Secure data transmission and sessions, which includes tracking and re-verifying individual user sessions for each transaction
  • Guaranteed network protection
  • Reliable disaster recovery and data backup protocols, like transmitting data across encrypted links
  • Building access control and physical security protocols
  • Environmental controls
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Protected power source and backup systems
  • Network connection reliability

Plus, eMoney undergoes internal and third-party testing and assessment. They regularly test and monitor all systems, data, and personnel for potential security risks.

Safeguard your info

Rest assured your personal info stays safe and protected with our advanced technology tools – eMoney and Paragon Secure Cloud. Have questions? Feel free to contact us.

Want to create tax-free income?

Think about your future income and goals. Let’s make it happen.

Paragon Tax Planners

Here at Paragon Tax Planners, we stand by our planning process to go the distance for your planning needs. We will always understand your unique circumstances and customize your tax solution to meet your needs. Our virtual platform serves the needs of our clients in all 50 states. Our software meets every regulatory body requirement for document transmission and document storage. We will fiercely protect your information. We look forward to helping you Plan From a Tax-Smart Perspective℠

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