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Tax and Estate Planning

None of us can predict what tomorrow will bring and trying to prepare for a future you can’t see can be overwhelming.

Comprehensive Trust and Estate Planning to Protect Your Loved Ones and Your Legacy

None of us can predict what tomorrow will bring and trying to prepare for a future you can’t see can be overwhelming.

Can you be certain your loved ones will be properly taken care of when you are no longer present?

If you fall ill, can you trust that your preferences for medical care will be understood and honored?

How can you ensure that the legacy you spent your life building will be carried on once you have passed?

The answer to all of these questions is trust and estate planning.

How does estate tax impact me or my beneficiaries?

While trust and estate planning let you prepare your loved ones, protect your legacy, and prevent probate in the event of your illness or its associated estate tax creates confusion.

The estate tax kicks in at $11.58 million. This means that if your estate tax is less, your beneficiaries won’t get any additional tax on your estate. Your heirs, charities, or other beneficiaries still pay normal income tax on these assets based on if they’re IRA dollars, Roth dollars, or non-qualified.

Why trust and estate planning?

Estate planning gives you the power to make important decisions about the things and people you care about most, like:

  • Who will take care of your children or other dependent loved ones when you pass away
  • When and how your loved ones and charitable causes of your choosing will receive your assets
  • Medical directives to tell your doctors and healthcare providers in the event of illness
  • Funeral arrangements including preferred funeral homes and method of disposition

Plus, estate planning gives you the power to take charge of your future and your assets and offers your beneficiaries the comfort, security, and peace of mind in knowing your wishes are being fulfilled.

Trust Paragon Tax Planners to help

Paragon Tax Planners provides comprehensive estate planning services that protect your assets from undue taxation and the costs of long-term care.Our trust and estate planning service also lets you make sure your family avoids the distress of probate by clearly outlining your directives for the distribution of your assets.

Plus with our client portal, you can review and amend your will, trusts, and other estate planning documents at any time. This lets you make changes without expensive attorney fees, keeping you in control of your legacy.

Since you self-manage your estate planning documents, it simplifies the whole process and makes it more affordable.

Your legacy begins with the choices you make today

Start planning your legacy, contact us.

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